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Please fill out and submit the following form in order to reschedule your lesson.

欠席予定のレッスンは、開始24時間前を過ぎていますか? Is the lesson that you wish to reschedule within 24 hours before it begins?
ご注意:レッスン開始の24時間前を過ぎてからの振替はできません。Students cannot cancel lessons or change the lesson time within 24 hours before the lesson begins.
今回の振替について、担当講師にはすでにお伝えいただきましたか? Have you talked with your instructor regarding this rescheduling?
  1. プライベートレッスンのお休みや日時の変更を希望される場合は、レッスン開始の24時間以上前にEBLSまでご連絡ください。
  2. レッスン開始の24時間前を過ぎると、レッスン1回分の消費となり、振替ができなくなります。
  3. レッスンの日時変更や振替は、4回のレッスンにつき1回まで無料です。2回以上の日時変更は15ドルの手数料が発生します。
Policy for Cancellation, Absences, Being Late for Lessons
  1. Students cannot cancel lessons or change the lesson time less than 24 hours before the lesson would have begun. Students must notify the school before then if they wish to reschedule the lesson. 
  2. If students are absent from a lesson without any notice, this will be considered “same-day cancellation” and the lesson fee is non-refundable.
  3. For every four lessons, students have one free lesson date change. Additional date changes incur a fee of $15.

Thanks for submitting. We'll send you a confirmation email regarding this request.

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